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Red Core Investments Corp. (Red Core) is dedicated to the development, promotion and propagation of geothermal energy projects in the Philippines, with the intent of becoming one of the leading providers of geothermal energy in Asia.

Red Core believes in, and is committed to, contributing to sustainable development in the Philippines to ensure not only the country’s international competitiveness in business, but also to the conservation, preservation and protection of the environment. Red Core was created to fight climate change, while providing much needed electricity to fuel the Philippine economy.

Designed to respond to the growing need and demand for renewable energy sources, specifically geothermal energy, in the Philippines, Red Core was set up in 2013 to develop, promote and propagate geothermal energy projects in the country. Red Core has been exploring potential geothermal energy resources and aims to build, own and operate clean, efficient and sustainable geothermal energy power plants around the country.

Red Core has assembled geothermal talent, local and foreign, in-house and from specialist consultants, in the development of the company’s geothermal assets. We combined traditional exploration techniques with new and dynamic technologies to identify and measure potential geothermal resources. Red Core acquired equipment and expertise in leapfrog exploration technology, mostly derived from advances in the more complicated and challenging oil and gas sector.

To date, the Company has developed one of the most dynamic exploration teams in the region, capable of:

  • securing key geothermal service contract areas, because of the Company’s exceptional exploration track record with the Department of Energy;
  • understanding the needs of communities within exploration areas in order to gain social acceptability for the projects; and,
  • making prudent decisions on projects with the Company’s geologic, geochemistry, and geophysics (particularly its in-house deep sub surface imaging team) expertise.

Red Core is in the process of developing several projects: the Tiaong-Dolores, the Tayabas-Lucban, the San Juan, and a few more geothermal energy projects. Under the Geothermal Renewable Energy Service Contracts (GRESC) granted by the Department of Energy (DOE), Red Core will explore the geothermal prospect areas with the aim of identifying and proving commercially viable resources to develop into operating power plants.

It is Red Core’s intent to develop the geothermal resources identified within the project areas into power plants within the next five (5) years.


Altura and Associates

Backed by decades of experience in designing, building, and developing complex projects through various engineering and construction companies, the Altura group is made up of energy and infrastructure professionals and entrepreneurs, which includes Claudio Altura, founder of TCGI Engineers, the largest engineering design and project management group in the Philippines, employing over 500 professional engineers. He is also a founding partner of the former Summa Kumagai, Inc., a top tier civil engineering and building construction company previously partnered with Kumagai Gumi of Japan for over 25 years, and has since been reorganized as Altura Engineering and Construction, Inc. The group builds and operates its businesses through successful partnerships with local conglomerates and multinational corporations.

Among its directors are Albert Altura, a former Commander in the United States Navy and heavy industry professional, and is currently the president of Atlantic, Gulf, and Pacific company of Manila, Inc., which is at the forefront of LNG distribution in the Philippines; and Cornelio Caedo, a telecommunications infrastructure developer and former vice chairman of Pilipino Cable Corp., one of the pioneers of cable television in the country, and one of the largest in the industry, its nationwide scope reaching subscribers in mega Manila, Luzon, the Visayas, and Mindanao.

The Altura group is focused on developing its renewable energy portfolio with emphasis on reliable base load power generating assets. Through Red Core, the Altura group intends to build the largest geothermal specific greenfield exploration and production company in the South East Asia region.

Andres Soriano Corporation

Anscor is a holding company with diverse investments. Core operating investments include Phelps Dodge Philippines Energy Products Corporation (cable and wire manufacturing), AG&P (modular steel construction), Cirrus Medical Staffing,Inc. (healthcare staffing) and Seven Seas Resorts and Leisure, Inc. (owner of the famous Amanpulo Resort). Anscor has a number of other investments in companies engaged in a wide range of activities in the Philippines such as wireless broadband data services, aviation, real estate and manpower deployment. Likewise, the Company has investments in equities traded in the Philippine Stock Exchange, foreign currency denominated bonds and offshore hedge funds.

Anscor is now under the leadership of Andres Soriano III, the founder’s grandson, who has been the Director of the Company since 19 May 1982; Chairman and Chief Executive of the Company (1983 to present); Chairman and President of Anscor Consolidated Corporation (1987 to present); Chairman of The Andres Soriano Foundation, Inc. (1985 to present), Director of Anscor Property Holdings, Inc. (1998 to present), A. Soriano Air Corporation (2003 to present) and Anscor-Casto Travel Corporation (1983 to present); among others.


Red Core aims to be the premiere proponent of geothermal energy in Asia and the most ideal geothermal company for investors in the world.


Establish, propagate, and maximize the use of geothermal energy in the Philippines.

Save and protect the environment.

Help curb the effects of global climate change.


As a geothermal energy company, Red Core promotes the values of stability, efficiency, reliability and social responsibility in dealing with its stakeholders: its employees, experts and exploration teams; the company’s investors; the national government and its local government units, which is committed to the global call for the reduction of carbon emissions; and, the communities, and the environment, The Company works with.


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The Tayabas-Lucban Project

The Tayabas-Lucban geothermal project occupies 75,006 hectares in the province of Quezon, straddling the municipalities of Liliw, Luisiana, Majayjay and Nagcarlan in Laguna as well as Lucban, Lucena, Mauban, Pagbilao, Sampaloc, Sariaya and Tayabas in Quezon. The project area is east of the Tiaong-Dolores geothermal project, across the Mount Banahaw Volcanic complex. Like Tiaong-Dolores, the […]

The San Juan Project

The San Juan Project is located along the San Juan fault zone in the province of Batangas, which is around 108 kiometers south of Manila. Batangas is bordered by Cavite and Laguna in the north and Quezon to the east. Together with the province of Rizal, these 5 provinces make up the CALABARZON. The San […]

The Tiaong-Dolores Project

The Tiaong-Dolores geothermal project occupies 49,167 hectares in the provinces of Laguna and Quezon, covering the municipalities of Tiaong, Dolores, San Pablo, and even Candelaria. Subdivided politically, Tiaong is made up of 31 barangays (small administrative districts), while Dolores has 16. The contract site is near two other geothermal plants, affirming that it is within […]

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